HD1-219 Pneumatic & Hydraulic Automatic (Discharge Chip) Drilling Machine


    • It can prolong drilling tool life and make the precise bore
    • Pneumatic push hydraulic control feed speed, good stable speed, not space.
    • Easy of operation
    • Drilling, reaming
    • Precision automation
    • Available to equip with multiple spindle drilling head for greatly increasing efficiency.
    • It’s ideal for processing deep hole, tiny hole, stainless steel with the auto chips discharging device.
    • Multi depth adjustment


Model / Weight(Kg)  HD1-219 (203Kg)
Stroke (mm)  110
Swing (mm)  430
Capacity (mm)  φ19(Steel)
Spindle to table  460
Table size (L x W)  340 x 340
Motor  3相4P 1HP
Speed 50Hz  1670  1080  625  375
60Hz  2000  1300  750  450
Shape of the spindle  M.T NO.2
Common pressure  5kgf/cm2
Cutting Speed  40mm/mm up

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