HT3-332 Gear Type Automatic Tapping Machine


    • Change thread-pitch gear:Easy to change the thread-pitch gear and easy to operate as well. The gear-drive thread pitch reduces wear to a minimum. Equipped with safety stop device for upgrading operational safety.
    • Because one running is for each tapping thread, it can taps perfect thread’s rings to let the tap enlarge the using life time, the accuracy gets the standard of the gauge, automatic tapping and retracting, the work piece won’t life, which does not require special hold-down to simplify jig.
    • Fast
    • Saving time
    • High precision
    • Adjustment is simple
    • Available to equip with multiple spindle drilling head for greatly increasing efficiency.
    • Easy of operation, Beginner difficulty of use.
    • Operator freely leave the machine


Model / Weight(Kg)  HT3-332 (250Kg)
Stroke (mm)  65
Swing (mm)  460
Capacity (mm)  φ10 - φ32
Spindle to table  600
Table size (L x W)  340 x 380
Motor  3相6P 2HP
Speed 50Hz  200  100  50
60Hz  240  120  60
Machine uses the gear pitch Number of teeth per inch  19 16 14 12 11 10 9 8
mm  1.5 1.75 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5
Max. number of spindles of the multiple spindle head (mm)  M10 x 10軸 
 M16 x  4 軸 
 M20 x  2 軸

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